Glass Doll

GUESS who’s back? C’est moi, your girl Cereza Chan is back on blogging track. After living in chaos for the past months due to college life. I’m down to my last semester this coming June! After the long sleepless nights on term papers, it is finally time to log in to my second life,  dress up, curl those locks and put some make-up on. Starting to feel like myself again.

And what better ways to kick off my comeack than to bring to your attention this cute upcoming event!

“The Secret Hideout is a new and magical event dedicated to Fantasy Lolita styles. The event will feature new items made specifically for the event ranging from Lolita apparel all the way to decor, poses, and maybe a few unicorns! Join us and some of the most wonderful designers on the grid for a magical experience!”

Watch out for the Secret Hideout coming this May 1st – May 21st.  Hurry! here’s your taxi

Wish you all a great week, here’s to many new updates on Cereza Chan Blog, and you can also contact me thru my facebook here

Lot’s of love,
Cereza Chan ♥


Lovely Disarray – Defect of Society : Mask @The Secret Hideout (May 1- May 21)
.Quirky. – Delicate Cuffs @The Secret Hideout (May 1- May 21)
Ayashi – Hoshi Hair + Hoshi Headband
Dress: Violent Seduction – Fleur  @The Secret Hideout (May 1- May 21)
Shoes: AsteroidBox. Lolita Heels  @The Secret Hideout(May 1- May 21)


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