Hey everyone!
Sorry! I’ve been absent from this blog for quite a while now, and I’ve decided to get back on track again. My absence has been for practical reasons – I’ve been focusing on my RL obligations; mainly my studies (college is a bitch) and I’ve been dealing with some personal matters. Apologies for my absence! So I’m back again, in full force! I’d also like to extend my gratitude on my sponsors’ patience & understanding. I am very lucky to still be part of the team! I’ll do my best to catch up ! Thank you so much ♥ kisses

Cereza Chan  ♥

Hair: Beusy – Opal Hair @Dreamful  (August 2 – August 22)
Outfit: Sallie – Sincerely Gacha Set  @Epiphany (July 15 – August 15)
*Sallie – Sincerely Gacha Set// Kitty Harness EXCLUSIVE
*Sallie – Sincerely Gacha Set// Skirt &Harness RARE
*Sallie – Sincerely Gacha Set// Tee & Harness RARE
*Sallie – Sincerely Gacha Set// Upper Leg Harness
*Sallie – Sincerely Gacha Set// Lower Leg Harness
*Sallie – Sincerely Gacha Set// Forearm Harness
*Sallie – Sincerely Gacha Set// Collar
Boom – Love Blush Tattoo @Kawaii Project (July 15 – August 10)
Boom – Waaaaand Deluxe (animates) @Kawaii Project (July 15 – August 10)



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