Cereza Chan ♥

Hair: Ayashi – Kogitsu Hair
Outfit: Axix – Maehwa Gacha @The Gacha Garden (May 1- May 31)
Axix – Maehwa Gacha  // Red Yukata (Fitted Mesh)
Axix – Maehwa Gacha // Black Obi
Axix – Maehwa Gacha // Shoes + Cloth HUD
Axix – Maehwa Gacha // Dark Collars
Axix – Maehwa Gacha // Dark Bracelet
Axix – Maehwa Gacha // Earrings
Axix – Maehwa Gacha //Blindfold + Cloth HUD RARE
Axix – Maehwa Gacha // Lanterns Staff + Lantern HUD *Seed of Inspiration*
Tattoo: Antielle – Highschool of the Dead Gacha // Noticed by Senpai (Rough) RARE * TMP, Slink, Maitreya & Omega Appliers*



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