Hair: Little Bones – Chorus
Hat: Spellbound -Wednesday //Fedora Hat
Choker: Something – Flower Lace Choker
Top: Hucci – Umzinto Top/ / Rose @Uber (Feb 25 – March 3)
Bottom: KITJA – Ethe Skirt//Black @Uber (Feb 25 – March 3)
Shoes: ROC – Helen Heels *GROUP GIFT*
Phone: Something – Blooming Phone Case Gacha*RARE 3*


Bueno – West Coast Bike//Pink *GROUP GIFT*
KeKe – Flower Circle// White @Sanarae ( Feb 25 – March 15)
Six O’Clock – Roses Chic Gacha @Sanarae ( Feb 25 – March 15)
*Six O’Clock – Roses Chic// Rosed Cupcakes *RARE*
*Six O’Clock – Roses Chic// Rosed Cage
*Six O’Clock – Roses Chic// Rosed Bucklet
*Six O’Clock – Roses Chic// Rosed Lamp
*Six O’Clock – Roses Chic// Rosed Shelf
*Six O’Clock – Roses Chic// Rosed Sign
*Six O’Clock – Roses Chic// Rosed Closet
Simply Shelby – Deco Pink Collection ($L2 Hunt) @LovePink Hunt (March 6 – 21)
2 Pink Chairs w/animation
Table, Painting, Rug *not on photo*
Table Clutter (Candles & Champagne)


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