Its time for your injection!

Here’s part 2 of the Arcade!


Today, I’ll be featuring BCC’s Lovehoney Nurse Gacha. $L75/play. 36 commons and 5 rares to collect

Check out The Arcade’s Shopping Guide for the complete list of items available.

Here’s your taxi – The Arcade

Gacha Extras : Yardsale


Head dress: B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Headdress White *commons*
Eye patch: B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Eye patch White *commons*
Stethoscope: B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Stethoscope Blush *commons*
Syringe: B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse big syringe Pink *commons*
Dress: B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse B Baby Blue *commons*
Garter: B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Garter Baby Blue *commons*
Stockings:[ – WEON – ] Gift.Stockings.White *free@mp*
Shoes: Garbaggio // Freebie Mid Pumps *free @mp*
Wings: Angel Wings [Second Legends] *commons* *free @mp*


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