Magical Kitties Playtime

+Spellbound+ has been one of my favorite hair stores in SL and I’m so happy they released a groupgift *vomits rainbow*. +Spellbound+// Astarte  is a FATPACK and it comes with 2 types of hair accessory options : Hair Grips or Clips. in 3 metal textures, with tintable scalp* heavy breathing* You have to pay $L100 inorder to join. I think its a small amount to pay to get a FATPACK from Spellbound. Here’s your taxi +Spellbound


The new round of The Arcade just opened a week ago, and today I’ll be featuring some goodies I got. I’ll be featuring more items from the event on my upcoming posts so keep updated! This is part 1, Enjoy! 🙂

For the first part, I’ll be featuring The Sweet Thing: Kitten PlaytimePixicat Temptation Corset and VCO – Vive’s makeup Recipe.  Kitten Playtime gacha offers 22 commons and 2 rares to collect. Common ears and tails are in 3 packs each, with 8 fur colors each ( tails and ears are separated) .The tails are animated! Collars are scripted with OpenCollar and include a flower and metals HUD. The Rare Tail and Ears (separate) comes in a fatpack with Expression Hud for the ears. The Temptation corset gacha offers 18 commons and 2 rares to collect. The commons comes in 6 different colors (black, blue, red, pink, mint and white with 3 different color variations of ribbons (pink, red and black). VCO -Vive’s makeup Recipe gacha offers 12 skins, 2 lashes and 1 lens for commons and 3 mesh lips RARE. I’ll be posting more items from The Arcade so keep updated! Happy shopping lovelies!

Check out The Arcade’s Shopping Guide for the complete list of items available.
Here’s your taxi – The Arcade
Gacha Extras : Yardsale

Check out Kiki’s blog – TKC


Kiki is wearing:

Hair: +Spellbound+// Astarte *Group Gift*
Headdress: [Haste] Moon Bindi
Cat Ears: RO – Meowjesty Headband.
Cat Tail: c( TC ) Somali Neko Tail 2.0
Corset: -Pixicat- Temptation.Corset – Red nr.2 *common* @TheArcade
Collar: (epia) – Heart Pendant Collar (red)

Cereza is wearing:

Hair:+Spellbound+// Astarte *Group Gift*
Headdress: Maxi Gossamer – Ashira
Cat Ears: Sweet Thing. Cutie Kitten Ears – Magic *common* @TheArcade
Cat Tail: Sweet Thing. Fluffy Kitten Tail – Magic *common*@TheArcade
Corset : Pixicat- Temptation.Corset – Pink nr.1 *common* @TheArcade
Collar: Sweet Thing. Sweet Pink Kitten Collar *common* @TheArcade


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