The Huntress


Hello Lovelies! Today, I’ll be featuring “Storybook’s Ascension Gacha” & “Alchemy’s The Huntress Gacha”  from the The Secret Affair Event. Storybook’s Ascension gacha is $L50/play and 12 commons and 4 rares to collect.  Alchemy’s The Huntress Gacha is a collection of animated majestic Panthers (26 commons & 4 rares).They can be worn as a pet or can be mounted. It’s $L100/play. I’m also wearing Soonsiki’s (now Besom) Diamond Hair group gift. Past group gifts are still available and most of them comes in a FATPACK.The group is free to join, so be sure to grab it! Happy shopping lovelies! Here’s your taxi : The Secret Affair Event


Hair: Soonsiki (Besom) –  Diamond *group gift*

Headpiece: Maxi Gossamer – Ashira + Nose Ring w/ chain

Head Wings: Nana – Aiko Wings *Cherry Cake Hunt*

Outfit – Storybook – Ascencion Sky Outfit *rare*

Bracers: Storybook – Ascencion – Golden Bracers *common*

Arm Bracelets – .Aisling. Tallulah Arms Gold *common*

Bow & Quiver – Neverwood//. Wasteland Bow Royal *common*

        -Wasteland Quiver – Bronze *common*

Companion – Alchemy – The Huntress – Panther (Snow) *common*


If you have time, please enjoy this short dance video I made with my friends, Kiki & Jeca 😀


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